Human Sleeping Pod
human pod

Howdy! This is a model of a human sleeping pod in one of the laboratoriums.

Basic male soldier gear

As a small update here are some new screenshots of the male soldier wearing some of the gear.

Basic Game Character V1.0

As a small update here is the latest character for the game. He still needs some tweaks and texture modification but for now here is the first version.

Client login.
Login client.

Hey all,

Well after some weeks i have finally something to show you where i was working on. In this movie you will see the client login sequence to the Realm-server. You will see the SRP-6 encryption in action and after that is successful the client gets the Realm list from the server. At this point the client needs to connect to the Game-server which is my next step. I hope you like it :)

Reinforced Army Coat

Imperial reinforced army coat. Will be used as an armor attachment the main character can wear or as typical clothing certain guards will wear in game.

Main Character animations

Small update about character creation and animations. Basically all the standard animations for the main character are almost finished.

Right now we have the following animations:

-Unarmed idle
-Unarmed get hit
-Unarmed punch
-Unarmed kick
-Unarmed walk
-Unarmed pickup
-Unarmed jump
-Unarmed death

-Gun idle
-Gun get hit
-Gun fire
-Gun reload
-Gun walk
-Gun pickup
-Gun jump
-Gun taunt
-Gun death

As a small sneak peak here are 2 screenshots of the main character (without armor, weapons and texture):

Development Console added with logging


Well as you know i am busy with the network layer. I began last week rewriting it cause i was not satisfied with the old one. This new framework is OP based so its easier to add new functionality. Ive made a screen shot where you can see the console with some nice colors ^^ and of course its easier to debug stuff :)

Character Movement
Zombie Bunny Walk


Yes i know i havent posted some stuff lately cause im very busy with the network layer and that will take some time. So no visual stuff for now. But hey to make some people happy i made some progress with player movement and mouse handling.

Main menu v1 {update v1.1}


Im working on the Main menu screen, its not finished yet but its a start

U see little sphere, thats where your character stands when at character selection menu.

Ive to tweak it a bit maybe add some more stuff like volumetric clouds with some lightning + flashes.

Will see how it goes.


  1. v1.1: Added some hills, moved the house tree a bit.
Release v2
russian avatar


Well its time for version 2. {20-5-2010}

– Multiple Gameserver supported->Mainserver will look for available gameserver
– U can shoot at each other.
* when hit your screen will get red
* when u hit a player u see some blood particles :P

Download versie 2 alpha -20-5-2010


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